Friday, September 6, 2013

Natasha: The Reflection

Although it might be a trite saying, this summer really has flown by. But I suppose that's a true testament to how valuable and engrossing this summer research has been. From the stormy and wild research cruises in Bellingham Bay, to the long hours in the laboratory, my experience this summer has been certainly been eclectic.

 For a long time I've been aiming towards a career in biological research. And with my recent adventures into marine science and education, I have felt I've found a true passion. This summer, the experiences I've made here at Shannon Point have been invaluable to finding exactly where I want to be as I continue my education and pave the foundation for my career.

Scientific research internships coming out of community colleges are often few and far between. I believe any community college student thinking about the sciences as a career path or simple just has curiosity for the inner workings of the natural world should think about participating in one of these internships. COSEE Pacific Partnerships was a true privilege to work with; the experience and knowledge gained from the internship was unique, exciting, and encouraging. I think any student would benefit from having this contact with the wide world of research. Apart from having a simply amazing and enjoyable summer, there are many life and job skills that prepares a student for the challenges that lie ahead.

Additionally, I would like to thank all the faculty and staff at Shannon Point Marine Center. Everyone was incredibly nice and supportive of the research and our pursuit of marine knowledge. I would like to also thank my incredible advisor, Dr. Apple. You have been a great instructor and a fantastic supporter of my efforts and ventures into oceanographic research, something that is truly valued.

The ocean is truly an amazing place, and I feel privileged to have spent the summer exploring lingering questions and research! I will never forget this tremendous summer.

Thanks everyone!

-Natasha Renae Christman

The sunset from Shannon Point Marine Center on one of the last nights before departing.

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