Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unforgettable Summer

Thought the sun set on my time at Shannon Point I will never forget it.
     What an amazing life affirming experience I had this summer with COSEE at Shannon Point Marine Center.  My only disappointment was that it went by way too fast and I was packing to return home before I knew it.  Luckily I'm not truly finished yet and still have some writing to do and most likely a conference with my adviser, Dr. Dinnel, in the near future. Plus, as I live close, I will return to volunteer on the continuing Olympia oyster restoration project monitoring whenever I can.  I plan to continue helping Denise Crow with any outreach projects that I can as well, which is always so much fun.
     This program reinforced my decision to make a huge life and career change moving from law to science.  Everyone I had the good fortune to interact with this summer was so amazing, friendly, helpful and excited about science.  Not only did COSEE help me become confident and comfortable in my decisions I was lucky enough that Shannon Point Marine Center is part of Western Washington University where I was accepted and will start in the fall.  I feel like I really have a foot in the door and more understanding of my program of study and the opportunities available to me at an undergraduate student.   I also am already planning to apply to be an REU student next summer, something I may not have done without this summers experience.
     When our final numbers were crunched it is evident that the oyster restoration project is  considered successful, a very happy moment for me.  Between this project and the City of Anacortes working to clean up their entire waterfront from historic mill operations the area is, and will continue to, recover ecologically.   Additional sites have shown to be promising as well and oyster seed will be planted this fall or next spring. 
     Thank you COSEE for an unforgettable summer and life affirming experience I will carry this forward with me using all I have learned to be a better scientist.

Crista working her magic with a camera older than herself.
Crista's installation, everyone's pictures and cyanotypes.
The wonderful students I was lucky enough to spend the summer with.
My individual shot. I love it!
The end of one adventure simply signals the beginning of another.


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