Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Drew - The Tide is in...

Monday of this past week allowed for just enough low tide to finish the GPS work needed to generate a population density map of both species of shrimp in Yaquina Bay. However, the data has to be differentially corrected using the NAD 83 UTM 10 North GPS information system and that requires waiting at least 24 hours. By Tuesday I was knee deep in ARCGis and related computer software trying to generate an inverse distance weighted interpolation of our data. That was my last chance to work on the map because on Wednesday, all the COSEE interns took off at 8am to visit Charelston, OR.

We went to visit the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) and to meet the other COSEE PRIME interns (who were all awesome). In the photo to the right is Akiko showing an experiment in progress in the boat harbor. We toured their facilities, asked lots of questions (about the interns research and graduate school), and enjoyed all-you-can-eat dining hall meals. Thank you OIMB for a great visit!

The following day the COSEE interns came to Hatfield. Here we all are listening to Brett
introduce our project. No one got stuck in the mud...but it was a close call :)
This next week my focus will be on writing up a draft paper, completing that population density map that I keep talking about, and towards the end of the week the tide will finally be low enough to warrant a day of field work, collecting some of our last samples for this project.


  1. It sounds like you had a great time getting all the PRIME interns together at OIMB. Next year we will have to get the Shannon Point interns down there too. Or better yet, we can all go to visit the PRIME students in Hawaii!