Friday, June 28, 2013

Katlyn Haven: Week 1 at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

Hello everyone,

My name is Katlyn Haven and I just finished my first year at Chemeketa Community College this spring. I am working on my Associate of Science degree and an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree. I plan to transfer to Oregon State University and pursue a degree in Zoology once I am finished at Chemeketa. I am interested in conservation and field biology, which is why I wanted to take part in the COSEE internship program. I am so excited to gain some real-world field research experience and see what it is really like.

This summer I am working with Dr. Waldo Wakefield and Matt Yergey on their juvenile flatfish research project. They are trying to determine the effects of hypoxic (low oxygen level) events on the juvenile flatfish populations since these fish are too small to migrate away from the oxygen-deprived water. They are also examining the behavior of the fish and trying to determine if their reaction times are slowed because of the low oxygen levels.

I have been helping in the project by cataloging data from 1977 through 1979 on fish catches, which will allow for a long-term dataset to be accessible on an online database. This dataset will make it possible for fish populations to be compared and more long-term conclusions to be made. I have also helped by working in the lab on current specimens, which I helped identify, measure, weigh, and preserve. This was very exciting because I was able to appreciate what the data from the 1970's actually meant and what took place in order to get it.

I am so excited to see what else is going to take place this summer and what opportunities I am able to receive from this experience!

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