Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 7-8 & Reflection

Week seven & eight involved breaking new ground using the computer program known as Microsoft Access. With some help from my mentors Justin and Mitch, along with a little luck, I was quickly on my feet doing some very basic computer programing. I used Microsoft Access not only to neatly organize my demographic shellfisher information but to also give me support in summarizing my findings. For instance, I was curious what percentage of my sample population was using the following sources to learn about shellfishing opportunities. So with the help of a frequency equation I was able to designate whether the interviewee said “yes” or “no” to either; Youtube, the internet, printed guides, or family and friends. Having the ability to bin answers when they are pertaining to multiple chose questions is an invaluable tool. It will be one that I am likely to use in the future.

Analyzing one’s research is just as critical as the collection process; however, after spending the last six weeks in the field, seeing abundant wildlife, and interacting with the public made sitting in a room for 9 hours straight for 10 days pretty rough. In hindsight, this data entry experience was a good one because I will remember how much my body and mind ached from being indoors. I will certainly now look for jobs down the road accordingly.

When I wasn’t summarizing my data or working on my PowerPoint presentation I was trying to finish restoring the old Cort Gion surfboard I found when I first arrived. My mentor Steve lent me a few power tools which I need to return to him rather soon, so I’m in a rush to get the job done!

I can recall reading a COSEE blog from a student last year and hearing how they had an amazing summer. Now after finishing my summer internship experience I can attest to their statement because I easily had the greatest summer of my life, hands down. I had the opportunity to meet so many great people, from peers to possible employers. It was just such a great environment for networking and getting your name out. I made some incredible friends this summer who I plan on keeping close in my life far into the future. I would highly recommend any Natural Resources or Biology students to pursue this internship if you are serious about succeeding and reaching your goal of making a career in the arena of science.

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