Monday, August 6, 2012

Field Site and Week 6

This week my mentor and I took our old samples out of the system and shut all three systems down. We then reconstructed the tops to all systems because before they were metal and rusting everywhere. Now they are plastic and work much better. Friday, August 3rd, we went to the site where we collect samples of Coralline algae. I even got to chisel them off myself! The place we go to is so beautiful and I brought my cell phone with me so I could get pictures.

We collected our 18 samples needed to fill all separate systems. Right now we only have one system running so the samples are all in the same system. We still don't have all the equipment needed to run the other two systems like the main one we have going with CO2. Hopefully this week we will get all the equipment together and assembled in the other two systems.

 This field site is where I went at the beginning of the internship when I did field surveys with the grad students.
There's always tons of seals on the rocks in the middle of this picture. Hard to tell there are any because the picture is small.
So much life in one small area. This place has many tide pools and streams going all over the area.
 Collecting some samples for our lab.
 This was one of those streams where the waves come in. Theres really long algae hanging down on both sides.
 Some big waves come every now and then and it splashes fairly close to where we collect.

Also this week the COSEE interns from OIMB stopped by to check out the Hatfield interns' labs. Although I ended up being the only one at Hatfield all day. I think they enjoyed seeing the facility and getting to know more about Hatfield.

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