Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Such an amazing summer! Thank you, COSEE PRIME!

I'm not sure where to start...

This COSEE PRIME internship has offered me way more then I could have asked for. My experiences have ranged from helping grad students with literary searches, clamming on the coast line for the city of Newport, experimental design, all the way to captaining a research outing out on the ocean! My mentor, Vince Politano has offered me so many valuable perspectives and helped me to lay a solid foundation for future learning/research in the sciences. He has been an invaluable part of my learning this summer. I never felt like my experiences or training at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) were over my head, yet I was also challenged quite often this summer. I was also very glad to have some honest feed back on my strengths and weaknesses. Knowing ones own strengths and weaknesses is quite valuable when trying to move froward within their career, and this internship has surely helped me to gain prospective and direction to continue to build upon my strengths and develop my weaknesses.

HMSC has a great community feeling to it and I felt quite at home. A special thank you to Itchung for being very understanding and helpful while helping to balance my schedule, he truly contributed the the success of this summer. Coral, the OIMB COSEE mentor, has also gone above and beyond to make my journey here an amazing one.

I'll walk away from this summer with a wide range of skills! I'll also walk away with some great friends! All the other interns here have been great, and it has been a pleasure living with so many like minded people. I can only hope that my future endeavors will be half as successful and pleasurable as this one has.

Many thanks to everyone that played a part in making this summer one of the best of my life!



P.S. Perhaps some photos from this summer?

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  1. Nice pics here, looks like you've really enjoyed what you had last summer, huh! I would really like to have a summer in Aquarium Centre Lincoln and post pics just like yours.