Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Week 5 PRIME Experience; Crazy Fun For Everyone

 Week 5 was a crazy jumble of fun, like last week I am, going to describe my events in a backwards sequence.

Monday (7/26) I went out in the field with Cindi for the first time, and learned an abundant amount of information about surveying beach-goers. First of all, we made a great and productive team; secondly we collected at least 45 data sheets (the average is 30 per trip). We surveyed 6 different places in Lincoln City (Cascade Head Marine Reserve/Marine Protected Areas) twice during the day.  

It felt amazing hearing peoples stories, and opinions about marine reserves. For me, learning about their life paths was just as interesting as the scientific data we were collecting; a majority of the people I met had undergraduate degrees and were very successful! 
Cindy and I collected TWENTY surveys at one of our locations!

My first time actively in the field as an intern, proudly sporting Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife gear!

Last Thursday (7/24) we had an exchange day with the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB). All of the COSEE interns went on a tour and visit together, creating new bonds. We grew closer over Thai food at Lucky Thai Elephant, and opened our eyes at Devils Churn in Otter Rock. We had fun respectfully exploring the northern Marine Protected Area, and even getting a little wet! I think our appreciation for Oregon’s nature only grew stronger. (Devils churn is on the left.)
Those were the most exciting details of my week! I also got the chance to play with a CTD, well scrape almost every barnacle off one! This reminded my of child's play, and nearly made my day! After the machine is clean, someone is going to hook it up to the computer and collect the data the machine collected from the ocean floor from the last several months (I'm not sure about details).
Time to scrape some barnacles!


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  2. Thanks for sharing Tabby! I like your picture of sunlight on the water through the doorway!

    1. Thank you Peter, it was lots of fun visiting this last week!