Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 4 at ODFW

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the fourth week of my internship is, "where did my week go?" It flew by, and was packed with a variety of activities.

Starting backwards, yesterday I snorkeled in the Oregon Coast Aquarium's Halibut Flats tank in Passages of the Deep. Hannah Lyons and I quickly put on our wet-suits and snorkel gear; we proceeded to explore one of the most fascinating exhibits at the Aquarium. I paddled about like a child for a bit, before following around Sebastes pinniger and Sebastes miniatus.

After my snorkel experience at the Oregon Coast Aquarium 

Earlier in the week I was able to participate in a small discussion/training for a video analysis project going on at ODFW. The project itself is called Video Lander Analysis 2014, and it consists of habitat classification, species identification and meticulous counting. There is a rigorous cross-checking process, and 30 second "bins" where the maximum number of rock fish is recorded  within a single frame (29 frames per second). I was able to help explain how to use Adobe's Premiere to review videos, and share a few other handy bits of Premiere information. I've learned a lot since being at ODFW, and am happy to be passing some of my knowledge forward so quickly!

Two things I cannot go without during my day: coffee and a desktop. Here, I was editing a video which needed to be reviewed. 

On Friday I was able to help Marc (ODFW) over at HMSC with salmon tag scanning, and other data collection. Three other interns participated, and by the end of the two hours we were a well oiled data collecting machine! What is this information for? The IH unit at the Aquarium is housing several hundred diploid and diploid salmon, which are being used as controls for a large scaled data collection in the Willamette River. The information Marc and the small team of interns gathered is the first round of many for this project. Institutions such as the University of Washington, Oregon State University, the Hatfield Marine Science Center, the Oregon Coast Aquarium and ODFW are working  collaboratively on the project.

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