Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bridget Begay - Week 7: Fishing Cutting Party, Final Presentation, Memorable Parks and Hot Chocolate!

Yá'át'ééh everyone!

     This week starts off with the NOAA NWFSC Fish Cutting Party! This isn't any old party, this was a party to dissect juvenile salmon. With each juvenile salmon, the following organs were separated and preserved for analysis: stomach, intestines, otolith, posterior kidney and a fin sample. Once you do more than one fish, it gets easier and faster to locate organs. I found it interesting to find and locate the otoliths since you age a fish depending on how many rings there are, just like tree rings. 
      Updates on my project is that we have concluded analysis of data, and progressed to making visual representation of the coastal and bay data for Matt's and I final presentation. We are finishing up the project early this week because my mentors will be out of the office during my final week here in Newport. I've appreciated all of Waldo and Matt's hard work and time spent on assisting us COSEE Interns and allowing us to help and support the research being conducted. I'm also really looking forward to see other COSEE Intern presentations and hearing what they have to say about the whole COSEE experience! 
      I ended my week with assisting Cindy at Otter Rock on Friday and Cascade Head on the following Sunday. With the visits to Otter Rock, I can say that it's one of perfect places to whale watch, tide pool in the punch bowl and end with a lunch at Mo's Seafood clam chowder! I also cannot forget interviewing a "peanut lady" who fed peanuts to the bountiful squirrel population in the bushes, and yes, she actually gave them names. Cascade Head is filled with amazing beach locations and wildlife viewing. I think one thing that really stood out from Cascade Head would be seeing wild elk on the first visit and mother deer with her two fawns on the second visit. Going South, Cape Perpetua has one the perfect locations to go hiking to see a 300 hundred year old spruce tree and a high viewpoint to over look the ocean. I couldn't also forget, South Beach State Park, a short walking distance from Hatfield. When my family visit's next weekend, I'll be giving them a tour of the Oregon Coast and let them view these beautiful locations.

Rocking that ODFW jacket! 

While heading to Knight's Park, Cindy and I
spotted  a mother deer and her two fawns.

    Over the past weeks, I have been looking forward to the Annual Nesika Illahee Pow-Wow in Siletz, Oregon. Attending pow-wow's isn't new to me since my family and I have always attended pow-wow's around the Seattle area. I think it's always exciting to since it's a community event to celebrate Native American culture and it's great to hear the drum groups play songs. Also Cindy and I were able to get a late night food run to Newport Cafe since I've told her about the delicious, massive Hawaiian Burger I ate last time. I have to say that they make a big, glorious cup of hot chocolate! I would definitely recommend stopping here when you get the chance. 

A late night hot chocolate at Newport Cafe!

That's all for now and thank you for reading!


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