Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Last Weeks Experience at ODFW

These last few weeks, I have learned more about myself and my (current) educational goals than anything else. As far as my internship is concerned, our team was busy wrapping up the last of the videos for Phase II. Our team also started to input data from the videos, I haven't learned this process yet.

The most exciting part of the last week was going over to my mentor's house, Brittany Huntington, for a classy Indian dinner! There was curry, fish, tandoori chicken, naan bread and more! Most importantly, I was able to get together with everyone from the South Beach ODFW office and socialize away from the work setting. It was really nice being able to talk to everyone in a personal matter, moving away from the professionalism for a moment.

Each of us interns, Cindy, Hannah and myself, received an "I <3 Marine Reserves" pin and a book signed by Matt Love! The irony for me is that Matt Love was my teacher for two years, and I was presented one of his books as an award!!!! I felt very honored, and couldn't stop laughing for twenty or so minutes.
Matt Love's Book Super Sunday in Newport, with my new Marine Reserves button atop it.

Today is a new day, in a new week; and I am heading to the office. It's Wednesday, and I'm off to help with data entry and analysis. The end of my internship was the beginning of a new opportunity for me. 

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