Monday, July 5, 2010

David Hubert, Molluscan Broodstock Program

My name is David Hubert. I am currently enrolled at Linn-Benton Community College working toward an associates of science with an emphasis in biology. This past school year (2009-2010) I finished my first year of college. I currently have an accumulative GPA of 4.0 and I plan to attend Oregon State University when I complete my transfer degree from Linn-Benton. I have not been able to pin point the exact major I plan to pursue at OSU but definitely in the field of biology. I have had a strong fascination with fish and aquatic organisms since I was a child, getting my first of many (a very great many) fish tanks at the age of 4. In the last two years or so I have become very fond of cuttlefish and would love an opportunity to work with them; this interest brought me to the field of marine biology and to the COSEE PRIME internship program.

The program I was selected to work with is the Molluscan Broodstock Program. This program focuses on the selective breeding of oysters for the purpose of aquaculture. They are selecting for flavor, size, shape, and a little for color. I am working under the guidance of Dr. Chris Langdon and Kiril Chang-Gilhooly. I will be helping them with their daily duties and I will also have a project of my own.

My project will be working with a green macroalgae called Ulva. I will be devising an experiment to test the viability of Ulva as a bio filter to reduce the effects of too much dissolved CO2 caused by upwelling. Excess dissolved CO2 lowers the pH of the water causing the water to become more acidic. This can be detrimental to the developing larvae making it difficult to fully form their shells. If this experiment is successful, the system I develop may be used to help maintain stability for larvae tanks. Also I will be working with their existing Ulva and other macroalgae storage tanks and trying to make them more productive. There are several smaller tanks and one very large one.

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