Monday, July 19, 2010

Mark - Week 2

Week 2, Monday July 12, 2010 thru Friday July 16, 2010
We met at the SSNERR shop at 5am Monday. Steve Rumrill, Hans Klausner, myself, two students from OIMB Laura and Lora, and Max, a volunteer from the S. Slough. We went by boat to the S.Slough Olympia oyster site by Younkers Point where there are thirty pallets arranged in three rows of ten pallets each.

At the site, there are also about eight PVC pipe racks, three ft. by four ft. by almost three ft. high. These also have Olympia oysters growing on top of them. We selected one of the pallets and carefully tagged each bag, then put each one into a plastic tub to contain any organisms that are living in the bag and we then we took them back to OIMB. We can only work the low tide at the oyster grow out site so in the afternoon we took the oyster shells that the juveniles are growing on out of their bags and separated the ones that have juveniles on them for count and measurement.

My first initial observation of the fish and crab that are living in the bags are various types of Gunnel fish (Family: Pholidae), probably Rockweed Gunnel and Saddleback Gunnel. There are many crabs in the bags too, probably Dungeness, (Cancer magister) two or more species of Redrock Crab, (Cancer productus, Cancer antennarius) and many tiny crab less than 5mm that look like mud crabs (Rhithropanopeus harrisii). Besides the fish and crab, there are various types of Polychaetes, Annelid worms and small shrimp but I’ll just be concentrating on the fish and crab. Tuesday and Wednesday we had other volunteers from the S. Slough, Mike, Laura, Max, with Christine, another student from OIMB. Thursday July 15th, I did the water quality-monitoring route again, and came back and entered the data.

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