Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week Two - Luc

The last week here at Hatfield has been absolutely stunning. I’ve awakened every morning stoked to start my day. This happiness is not only from the beautiful weather but also from loving the project I am working on. I suppose the saying that “time flies while you’re having fun” is true because already week two has come and gone. Since my last entry a lot has happened here at Hatfield Marine Science Center. So far Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Shellfish Project on creating and implementing a shellfisher experience survey is beginning to take shape to the point where we are almost finished with the revisions. I expect that by next week we will have a final version we can take into the field and start collecting catch data as well as general shellfisher experience information. Both pieces of information will be valuable to the agency in their efforts for improving outreach activities to boost participation in the recreation opportunity. In these early stages of the project I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to shadow my supervisors, seeing them interact in a professional manner with the public is an excellent way for me to learn the ropes and make the interviews as pleasant for myself as well as for the interviewee. A few weeks from now I expect I’ll look back on the early part of the program and appreciate the time my supervisors put in to making me feel comfortable in communicating science to the general public. I find this so important because when dealing with the general public you encounter such a broad range of people and you never know exactly how someone will react to your presence. 



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